Airush Monaro Slalom 2015*

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Monaro Slalom 2015 :
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Airush Monaro Slalom 2015*

Sólo tabla y footstraps, tabla de exposición.

As the first pure Slalom Kiteboard series in the market the Monaro Slalom blazes the trail of incredible straight-line speed, aggressive gybing and incredible light wind performance. Designed from scratch for kiteboardings newest discipline, the prototypes have finished on the podium at every single event they have entered.

Slalom has become the latest discipline with currently a 6 stop PKRA Tour event and large prize money. This leads to more participants looking to be the most competitive with the Airush Monaro Slalom the only available production board on the market.
The sizes of 65cm wide and 58cm wide cover all conditions.